Penrith Players 2018

We were seeking a style of poster that would have a corporate feel and would always suggest it was Penrith Players. We worked with the Herald to produce results we were happy with.

Mike Head – Penrith Players

This year, once again, we have had the privilege of being tasked to design the posters and promotional material for the upcoming Penrith Players’ productions for 2018.

Taking on a more minimalist aesthetic in comparison to 2017, this year’s poster designs allow the readers’ imaginations to take the lead. With colourful vector illustrations, the posters tempt the reader to create their own visions of each production. Clean, easy-to-read information and a consistent format make absorbing the performance details simple and quick.

Production programmes follow a similar theme, with the colourful poster artwork serving as an introduction. The content inside is consistent and clean with images from each performance included alongside the year’s remaining productions.

Alongside the performance artwork, we also developed the 2018 Year Cards, detailing the dates and a small overview of each production.

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