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To accomplish these standards, we pride ourselves on using the best methods and materials for each project and delivering them with the exceptional customer care.

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Design Services

Branding          –          £50.00*  + VAT

Print Artwork          –         £30.00**  + VAT

Digital Artwork          –         £30.00**  + VAT

*Price for logo creation only          –          **Price per hour

Print Products


x 250x 500x 1000
A4 16 Page (130gsm)£165.00£300.00£580.00
A4 20 Page (130gsm)£195.00£370.00£700.00
A4 24 Page (130gsm)£230.00£440.00£825.00
A5 16 Page (130gsm)£82.50£150.00£290.00
A5 20 Page (130gsm)£97.50£185.00£350.00
A5 24 Page (130gsm)£115.00£220.00£412.50



x 250x 500x 1000
DL Tri-fold (130gsm)£32.00£50.00£75.00
DL Double sided (130gsm)£20.00£26.00£38.00
DL Single sided (130gsm)£17.50£21.50£28.50
A5 Bi-fold (130gsm)£32.00£50.00£75.00
A5 Double sided (130gsm)£23.00£32.00£50.00
A5 Single sided (130gsm)£19.50£25.00£37.00
A6 Double sided (130gsm)£18.50£23.50£33.00
A6 Single sided (130gsm)£17.00£20.00£26.00


Business Cards

x 250x 500x 1000
Single sided (300gsm)£15.00 +VAT£22.00 +VAT£35.00 +VAT
Double sided (300gsm)£19.00 +VAT£25.00 +VAT£40.00 +VAT


Compliment Slips

x 250x 500x 1000
Single sided (100gsm)£9.00 +VAT£12.00 +VAT£18.00 +VAT



x 250x 500x 1000
Single sided (100gsm)£24.00 +VAT£32.00 +VAT£47.00 +VAT


Large Format Printing

Posters/Signage (Mono - 130gsm)£6.50 +VAT£4.50 +VAT
Posters/Signage (Colour - 130gsm)£9.00 +VAT£7.00 +VAT
Posters/Signage (Colour - 260gsm)£13.00 +VAT£9.50 +VAT
Encapsulating (150 micron)£5.80 +VAT£4.80 +VAT